When Your Gut Tells You Something, Listen.


I’m a firm believer in gut instinct. When my gut tells me something is “right”, I know I can trust it because it’s the product of my brain doing all sorts of work that I wasn’t even telling it to do! That’s how I said yes to this project. It’s been such a pleasure uncovering all of the beauty and truth that my mind pre-processed in that first moment of reading the script.

“After We Become Rain” strikes all sorts of thematic chords with me personally. We explore the joys and pain of first love; the hardships of reconciling childhood joy with adolescent pain with adult responsibility; seeking out home in people and places. We explore family dynamics and gender dynamics. And that’s just the literature part of this show! I mean how the heck did Mac Mitchell (playwright) put together such a complete, dynamic, and compelling tale? I dabble in writing just enough to know that this is no easy task!

On a production level I get to see these same themes played out in the form of dragons, moons, clouds, storms, and rain. I get to work with designers and theatre artists who love to tell a story and tell it well. I get to work with actors whose intelligence makes them delve into these characters and truly bring them to life over the course of 90 minutes.

Despite all of the complexities that go into any production, (and are certainly a part of this one), these simple facts remain: I love dragons, deep emotion, extreme creativity, and stories of human affection. My gut led me right once again when it said yes to this story.

What do you love? Specifically? When was the last time your gut said yes to something and what was it? Please comment and share as I truly hope to build a career producing, with your answers as my priority!

See you at the show November 14 – 17!



Ginny Holladay-Jessee