An update from your friends at Hearth & Mantel Theatre

Hey friends,

It’s been a few months, yet each of us at Hearth & Mantel Theatre are still trying to figure out how to navigate the Covid-19 crisis. We’re not somewhere out ahead of you, with any special knowledge of what the other end of this looks like. We wish we knew. But, we all agree that the things we stand for as a company still matter. We still believe in the power and grace of theatre. We still believe the education of children is not only improved by full integration of theatre and the arts, but that it is vital. We believe theatre cultivates empathy, logic, and community. We believe in local artists. 

Our vision as a company has not changed with the times, only the ways in which we achieve that vision.

Nevertheless, we are in a season of transition. After the successful run of Big Mama’s Kitchen we were ready to move forward with a devised piece and lots of improv. Obviously, these events could not happen.

This distancing has hit us hard because theatre thrives in the communal celebration of life – its joy and its messiness. Its togetherness. Us: in a room together, talking, laughing, feeling vast and overwhelming feelings. Those seconds of silence after the final moment of the show and then the explosion of applause. We miss it. And we can’t wait until we can chat with you all again over a cup of coffee. However, we want to be respectful of the Shelter-In-Place orders, and we want to be respectful of those who are at risk. We are working to find new ways to connect with you. You should be seeing some of that content rolling out within the next week. Our hope is to continue to explore other ways of using theatre and creativity to cultivate empathy. Our goal as a theatre is to attempt to work with the digital world rather than fighting against it or giving into it.

We are so thankful for all your support and interest in our little company. We may be physically distant, but you’re a part of our team now, and we want you to know that we aren’t going anywhere. We’re here for you, however that may look, for the long run. 

Your friends at Hearth & Mantel Theatre