Until Next Time

After three years, six productions, eight locations, many nights of improv, summer play readings, and a virtual improv festival, we have chosen to step away from Hearth and Mantel Theatre for the time being. We are so grateful for all of your support and constant encouragement as we started this company from the ground up. Through your patronage, we sold over 500 tickets as a brand new company, which allowed for five full length plays to have their world premieres right here in Jackson, Mississippi. So, THANK YOU! Thank you for coming to all of our quirky venues, sharing countless cups of coffee with us, and being a part of this process. Your belief in us and our vision has meant more to us than you can imagine. 

2020 was a difficult year for all. As a company, we started off strong with our first comedy, Big Mama’s Kitchen, which brought in our highest house count. But just one week after closing, the global pandemic hit home and we found ourselves joining theaters and artists around the world in a sudden unexpected hiatus. Our team continued to meet virtually, planning for future events and preparing to transform a space into our physical home. Due to unforeseen circumstances and the continuation of the pandemic, our capacity to accomplish our goals and move forward were severely crippled. We feel it is in our best interest, as individuals and as an organization, to now take an intentional hiatus from the work of Hearth and Mantel Theatre. 

Arriving at this decision has been a difficult discussion, especially because we truly care about this city. In part, it is that care for this place that drives us to take a step back and take time to care for our personal needs and reevaluate how Hearth and Mantel can better serve our city. We want to take an intentional break to give our team the time and space to recharge, pursue personal and professional development, and actively engage with the community so that we are better equipped to serve it in the future. 

Our hope is that in time, we will return to the stage and open our doors once more, but until then, we continue to live out our vision of cultivating a vibrant local community by exploring stories in Mississippi that nourish relationships and form a shared identity among those who call it home and those still searching. We still believe in our mission to provide Mississippi with a community enriching creative environment through new works, education, and shared artistic experiences. We are still here. We are still creating and encouraging fellow artists. Our growth is just happening behind the scenes for a while. 

Thanks again for your support, especially in this time. If you have any questions or would like to speak to one of us personally, feel free to reach out!


The Staff at Hearth and Mantel Theatre


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